This plan provides a roadmap for the next five years, outlining key priorities and ambitious goals that will guide our decision-making and resource mobilization to address the shifting needs of our students and community. It reaffirms our commitment to equity and access, embraces innovation and creativity as drivers of excellence, and draws on the assets of our city, county, and state.


As we embark on the next step in Durham Public Schools’ evolution, we invite all members of our community to join us in working towards this vision.

About the "Building Our Future" Logo

Overall, this logo symbolizes our collective commitment to building a bright future. Designed by Digital Communications Specialist Tony Cunningham, this captivating logo captures the essence of progress, innovation, and inclusivity that defines our Durham community as a whole. This logo serves as a powerful visual reminder of our shared vision — to empower and inspire the next generation of learners.

Together, we will build a future filled with endless possibilities and transformative educational experiences.

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The Sun

At DPS, our goal is to ignite the limitless potential within every student, sparking a transformation that radiates as light throughout Durham. As we ignite their passions and abilities, our children become beacons, illuminating our city and embodying the vision of our thriving community. This sun serves as the results of us allowing their brilliance to shine and carry the vision of our city.

Under Construction

Durham is in the midst of transformation. Not only is our vibrant community undergoing construction, but our district is also evolving. As we rebuild and reshape our educational system, we are continuously introducing novel initiatives that equip our students for their future endeavors. DPS is constructing with innovation and technology, laying a strong foundation that will sustain us in the years to come. Together, we are building a dynamic environment that prepares our students for what lies ahead.

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The Spark

With a deliberate intention, the Spark was strategically positioned beneath the surface. Our district acts as a seed, fostering the flourishing of our vibrant Durham community. This Spark serves as the catalyst, igniting the radiance that illuminates the captivating beauty and innovative spirit of Durham. Simultaneously, it acts as the seed for our expansion and future, offering immense potential to be nurtured and guided by our remarkable students.

The Strategic Plan

With an unwavering dedication to delivering optimal education for each student, we are thrilled to initiate our upcoming strategic plan. This strategy emerged from an all-encompassing and cooperative planning endeavor, which encompassed substantial community engagement. It mirrors the desires and ambitions of our students, families, educators, and the community at large. As we step into our next chapter of advancement, this plan will serve as our guiding compass.

Click the links below to access the digital versions of our strategic plan, available in both English and Spanish.