•    Jenn Aguilar, principal

    During my first year as principal, one of our teams answered the question, "If you could be anything (other than this), what would you be?" as an icebreaker. I answered, with honesty, that I truly would not want to do any other job. I LOVE being a school principal. When I think about what it means to me to be a school principal, the following three words convey the function of my role: empower, care, and belonging.

    • Empower: I work to prepare an environment where the strengths and talents of the individual can thrive for the greater good of the community.
    • Care: I recognize that each individual's life circle is more than the school--working to nurture the whole individual and model balance as a value.
    • Belonging: through truly seeing and knowing the individuals in our community--showing genuine care for the things that make up the whole of the person--I work to prepare an environment where belonging is a priority.

    During my time as an educator, I have served the Durham community since 2005. I have served as a teacher, an instructional coach, an assistant principal, and a principal. I love living in and serving the Durham community. In my time away from school, I enjoy seeing my own kids thrive, seeking out delicious meals with my husband, and finding ways to relax and enjoy the world around me!