• Dual/Part Time Enrollment at Ignite!

    Students may be dual enrolled, or part time enrolled at Ignite! Online Academy, meaning that they will be enrolled less than full-time but more than half-time for at least 51% of the school day. Click here to read DPS Board Policy 3103 about dual/part-time enrollment.

    **Send your formal written request as outlined below to Ignite! Online Academy’s principal, Crystal Medlin, at crystal_medlin@dpsnc.net **

    Process/Policies for Applying for Dual/Part-Time Enrollment:

    · Parent Request for Dual Enrollment For a student to be enrolled in Durham Public Schools less than full-time but more than half-time, the parent must first provide a formal written request to the Principal, including details about the other school environment and courses and schedule and goals for the student. The parent should provide documentation about the student’s educational needs, achievement score results, and any other additional information.

    o The written request must be submitted prior to the first teacher workday in Durham Public Schools, unless extenuating circumstances exist.

    o The written request must be submitted annually, and approval is not guaranteed for more than one school year at a time.

    o After reviewing the written request, the Principal shall schedule an Initial Conference with the parent/guardian within five (5) days to discuss the request.

    · Initial Conference The Principal shall meet with parent/guardian prior to the approval of enrolling a student for less than a full day to ensure that the following criteria are met and monitored. The conference should include discussion of /verification of:

    o Student must be formally enrolled in Durham Public Schools for at least half-time and documented in PowerSchool (Student Information Management System)

    o The student’s dual-enrolled school (home school, private school, charter school) must be approved by NC DPI or accredited.

    o Student/Parent must provide documentation of current enrollment and scheduled courses in additional school (private, home, or charter school).

    o To maintain good standing and continued enrollment in Durham Public Schools, the student must maintain:

    o Continual enrollment in both Durham Public Schools and the secondary school

    o Evidence of grades/progress/attendance for each grading period within one week of the end of the grading period for each grading period, including a final transcript from the dual-enrolled school

    o Daily attendance in all DPS courses unless an approved absence

    o If a student/parent fails to provide evidence of dual-enrollment or report cards/progress reports/attendance, then the student will be withdrawn from Durham Public Schools.

    o The student must attend at least one-half of the school day, 51% of the school day

    § For high school, this is defined by class periods

    § For elementary and middle school, this is defined by instructional minutes

    · Checklist of Considerations

    o Is the course request available at the school as requested?

    o How does the student’s history align with this request – attendance, achievement, and special needs/interventions?

    o Is there reason to believe that a student with a satisfactory track record will maintain, and a student with a less than satisfactory track record will improve?

    o Student will be responsible for meeting all local/state/federal requirements, including testing and graduation requirements. Can parent/guardian ensure that the student will be able to participate in all testing/graduation requirements?

    · Decision

    o Principal should utilize the proposed agenda for the parent conference to ensure agreement on schedule changes, courses/grade level assigned, special considerations, communication, additional needs.

    o Honest discussion should occur in the conference to include concerns regarding courses and scheduling and/or class/school

    o Principal should provide a decision in writing to the parent with the decision and any explicit guidance needed within three (3) days of the meeting

    o As noted in policy, the Principal’s decision is final.

    o All documentation related to the request must be kept on file at the school.