• FIREFIGHTER TECHNOLOGY I / Prerequisite: 15 years of age or older

    This course covers part of the NC Firefighter I/II combination certification modules required for all firefighters in North Carolina. The modules in this course include: 

    Orientation, Incident Command System, Fire Service Communications, Health & Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Building Construction, Portable Extinguishers, Fire Behavior, Tools & Forcible Entry, and Loss Control. 

    FIREFIGHTER TECHNOLOGY II / Prerequisite: Firefighter Technology I 

    The modules in this course include: 

    Ladders, Ventilation, Ropes & Knots, Search & Rescue, Water Supplies, Hose Streams & Appliances, and Emergency Medical Care. 


    FIREFIGHTER TECHNOLOGY III / Prerequisite: Firefighter Technology II

    The modules in this course include:

    Special Rescue Operations, Fire & Life Safey Initiatives, Rapid Intervention Crews, Mayday, Firefighter Safety & Survival, Hazmat Operations, and Traffic Incident Management.