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     DPS Driver Education courses and registration information are listed below.  Please pay special attention as our morning and evening classes are being offered at different times. 




    Non DPS Summer 2024 Schedule

    July 8 - 19    8:00am - 11am       Registration for this class will be June 22 at 9am.  Please use the morning class registration link.

    July 29 - Aug 7 8am till noon     Registration for this class will be July 13 at 9am.  Please use the morning class registration link.


    The Morning Class Registration link should be used for the Summer classes.


    Non-DPS Morning Class Registration            

    Non-DPS Evening Class Registration           






    To enroll in the class, the student and parent will need to have a personal gmail email account (not a school account).  These are free of charge.  If the student does not already have one, it is very advantageous to set this up prior to registration.

    The cost of the class is $45.  The instructor will go over how to submit payment on the first day of class.


    Please make sure you are registering for the appropriate class time.  We cannot guarantee that you will receive your preferred time if you sign up for the incorrect class.   




    General Class Guidelines


    ​NOTE:  If you register for this class and do not attend one of the schools listed above you will not be eligible to register for another class in DPS for six months.


    The student needs to have an email address which ends in gmail.com which the student will need to access every day.

    Classes will meet each day Monday through Friday.  Students must be in attendance every day class meets, and absences/tardies are not allowed for any reason including typical reasons to miss school such as doctor/dentist appointments, athletic practices and games, fine arts rehearsals, competitions, sickness, etc.


    Classes are online via zoom. During class, students must be visible on camera at all times during class.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the class.  The student needs to have access to a device with a working camera and microphone to participate in this class. 

    There will be assignments every day, and submission of the assignments is required and should be on time.


    If you register for this class and do not show up, are dismissed for any reason, quit the class or fail the class, then you will wait six months to retake a class with DPS.



    Susan Clements
    Driver's Ed Coordinator