George Watts School Improvement Team

  • North Carolina general statute requires each public school to have a school improvement team. The School Improvement Team or SIT is the school's representative leadership team, including elected staff and parents. The SIT's main goal is to support the Continuous Improvement Plan, which includes goals to help the school improve its ability to support every child's achievement. It addresses areas such as academic success; school climate and culture; closing achievement gaps; family involvement; professional development; and improving school communication.  

    The SIT also:

    • Reviews the results of all relevant state and district-administered surveys       
    • Discusses issues related to school resources, staff development, and student instruction       
    • Encourages, supports, and creates opportunities for the involvement of families       
    • Promotes communication among administration, teachers, staff, students, and families       

    The SIT does not discuss personnel issues or individual student concerns.

    Any parent or teacher can attend meetings and present ideas to or ask questions of the SIT. There is always a public comment period designated on the agenda near the last 15 minutes of the meeting.


    Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from 4-5:30PM with the final 10-15 minutes reserved for public comment. Meetings are held in-person in the Watts Media Center.

    2023-24 Meeting Schedule and Agendas/Minutes:

    • September 14approved meeting minutes
    • October 12, Agenda
    • November 9
    • December 14 canceled
    • January 11
    • February 8, mid-year retreat, 4-7 PM
    • March 14
    • April 11
    • May 9

    2022-23 Meeting Schedule and Agendas/Minutes:

    In October 2022, the School Improvement Team approved our 2-year continuous improvement plan. A snapshot of this plan can be viewed HERE.

    The George Watts Continuous Improvement Plan and other school improvement documents are archived online:


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    Historical Goerge Watts SIT documents can be accessed HERE (linked site is no longer kept updated).