Leave Process

  • Please review the following procedures for taking a leave of absence:

    Classified staff members should email, text, and/or call the treasurer and the principal to report an absence.

    If you know in advance that you will be out of school for personal, medical, or other reasons, you must fill out a leave request and submit it to the principal. If possible, requests should be turned in two weeks in advance. If you do not have two weeks notice of your absence, then please turn in your request as soon as you know that you will be out.

    If a certified staff member needs to be out of school for an unforeseen reason (you wake up sick):  

    If it is before 6 AM, enter the absence into the AESOP system and email the principal and anyone who needs to know you’re out (collaborating teachers, IAs, etc.).

    If it is after 6 AM, call/email/text the treasurer and the principals

    Please remember that employees may only take sick leave or annual leave in increments of half or whole days. If you need to be away from school for a shorter period of time, please see the Away from School section.

    Sick leave cannot be used for personal business. 

    Most certified staff members may not take annual leave on a student school day. If you have questions, please see the principal for clarification.

    Professional leave must be approved by the principal prior to the absence.  See the treasurer for the appropriate paperwork.


    AESOP is monitored daily because it plays an important role in getting our substitutes paid (along with TACS).

    Any leave without the proper documentation will be marked as leave without pay. 

    Note: HR is very strict on submitting the proper forms when taking an absence due to medical reasons. If you will be out for more than 3 consecutive days due to any medical reasons, please let the treasurer know and the proper documentation will be sent to you. If you will be out for more than 3 consecutive days, non-medical, you will need approval from your supervisor. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your school treasurer.