8th Grade Semi-Formal


  • We are excited to announce that we will have our 2022 8th grade semi-formal on Friday, June 3rd in the Neal Middle School gym from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.


  • Cost: $10 per student

    Dates to Buy: May 16 to May 27

    When to Buy: During lunch or during Discovery

    Whom to Give your Money To:

    • Gems: Ms. Beck
    • Kings: Mr. Hankins
    • Icons: Ms. Rhodes


Criteria to Attend

  • We want to have a fun environment for students and staff at our 8th-grade semi-formal. To incentivize 8th-grade students to act appropriately and finish the year out in the right way, there will be some criteria in place to attend the 8th-grade semi-formal. 

    • Beginning on Tuesday, May 3rd, and going until Friday, June 3rd, 8th-grade students cannot have any Out-of-School Suspensions or OSS. If a student has OSS between those dates, they will NOT be able to attend the 8th grade semi-formal. 
    • In addition, 8th-grade students can have only ONE Restorative Practice Center, or RPC, visit. If a student has more than one RPC visit, they will NOT be able to attend the 8th grade semi-formal. 
    • Finally, 8th-grade students must take their EOGs on their designated days in order to attend. 
    • Any student will be refunded their ticket price of $10 if they do not meet the previously mentioned criteria.   


    • Parent/guardians need to please have their child picked up by 9:15pm. 
    • Only 8th grade Neal Middle School students are allowed to attend, meaning NO outside students from other schools OR any 6th or 7th grade Neal students will be allowed to attend. 
    • For this semi-formal, there is no athletic wear allowed. 
    • Per recent updated DPS protocols, masks are not required but are recommended. 
    • Parent/guardians are NOT allowed to come inside the gym and attend the 8th grade semi-formal with their child. 


  • If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher, an administrator, or the front office of Neal Middle School.