Due to the current waitlist from our three previous registration periods, we have currently suspended active registration until Fall 2022.  This will allow our instructors time to address all wait-listed students and to prepare for the new school year.  Please check the registration link in June for an update on our current status and the potential of future classes. 


    All wait-listed students will be contacted regarding their placement for our summer classes. 

    All wait-listed students for our classes starting June 15, 2022, will be contacted no later than Friday, May 6, 2022. 

    All wait-listed students for our classes beginning July 11, 2022 will be contacted at a time to be determined. 


    Students that have taken the class and are awaiting “In Car” instruction, will be contacted when it is your time to drive.  Please refer to the steps for taking driver’s education below. 

    All other inquiries, please refer to “The Steps for Registering and Taking Driver Education,” below. 

    Driver Education Registration Link


    Steps for Registering and Taking Driver Education

    • Upon becoming 14.5 years of age, you may go online and complete the registration.
    • Once registered, students are put on a waitlist according to age and the month they registered.
    • When we have a class, students are chosen from the list according to age, starting with the oldest, working our way down the list and offered a class.
    • If a student cannot take the class offered, they are put on the waitlist and given a chance during the next class.
    • Students will receive an email saying they have been chosen for a class and asked to respond to that email if they want that class or need to wait for the next class.
    • After a student has completed the thirty hour classroom portion, paid the $45 fee and taken and passed the eye exam, they will be put on the driving list and called in birth order.
    • Once a student has completed the classroom portion and the six hours behind the wheel portion of instruction, they will be given a certificate saying they have completed Driver Education.
    • Students will then need to go online and make an appointment with the DMV to take the test for their permit.
    • Once a student has the appointment at the DMV, they will need to go to Student Services at their school and ask for a certificate of eligibility. This form is only good for thirty days, so the student should wait until a few days before their appointment to get this form.