• Durham Public Schools is proud to provide language assistance services to elementary, middle and high school students. Students are scheduled for language services based upon their levels of English proficiency in reading,writing, listening and speaking. 

    Students who are identified for language assistance services can benefit from specific, direct instruction,  often in a small group with an experienced professional.
    EL services are provided by one or more approved models. There are four approved models of service delivery.  They are;

    Small Group Instruction  The English Learner  leaves the classroom (is “pulled out”) for ESL services, working in small groups of instruction planned by the ESL teacher. 

    Co-teaching: The EL student may remain  in the mainstream classroom, with the ESL teacher going in to work with the classroom teacher, providing appropriate instruction to the English Learne

    Elective ESL classes: In the middle and high schools, English Learners receive ESL instruction during a scheduled class period and receive course credit. 

    Sheltered Content Classes: Sheltered content classes in social studies, science, math, and English are offered to middle and high school students..  The mainstream teacher uses specific methods designed for students acquiring English.

     If you have questions about your child’s eligibility for services, please contact your child's school.