ESL Registration Center Information

  • The ESL Registration Center- Supporting Schools and Families

    The first days of school for any student are full of excitement and anticipation.  For ESL families, it can also be a very intimidating process. It is an act of courage for a student/family who doesn’t speak English to walk through the doors of our schools.

    The purpose of the ESL Registration Center is to provide a level playing field by offering appropriate placement of ELs and orientation to DPS. We want the students and their families to be aware of our resources to help children become socially and academically successful.

    The ESL Registration Center provides registration, community information, transportation assistance, and assistance with the required paperwork.  Initial English proficiency testing takes place at the ESL Registration Center.  The staff is fluent in Spanish and other languages and can locate area translators for any language needed.  When registration is complete, the staff notifies the appropriate ESL teachers, principals, and PowerSchool data managers. On page 26 you will find a complete listing of the staff that works at the ESL Registration Center

    Our Mission
    The ESL Registration Center will actively create a welcoming and trusting environment to support and empower families of culturally and linguistically diverse DPS students so they reach their full potential.

    New Students
    Federal guidelines require that every student enrolled in an NC school complete a Home Language Survey (HLS).  The DPS HLS  on The Student Information Form is embedded in PowerSchool. The ESLRC staff prints the form and includes it in the packet sent to the school. This must remain in each student’s cumulative folder.  The HLS provides information about language use within the home.  Students who have a home language other than English and are new to DPS or US schools need to go to the ESL Registration Center to be tested for Language Proficiency if necessary, to ensure appropriate placement.

    Registration Center
    The DPS ESL Registration Center handles the registration of all students with a home language other than English.  Any student with an answer other than “English” on the HLS portion of the data sheet must be directed to the ESL Registration Center.  This includes students who are fluent in English and may have been born in the U.S.

    ** Transfers within DPS are not required to go to the ESL RC.