Reunification is the process of reunifying the student with their parent/guardian after an incident has occurred at a school. This is a critical aspect of Safety and Security’s mission and takes all students, staff, and parents’ cooperation for it to be successful. Durham Public Schools uses the Standard Reunification Method designed by the “I love You Guys” Foundation and the method is used by school districts nationwide. Below is the Standard Reunification Method Parent Handout:


    SRM Parent Handout


    Parents/guardians should remember not to immediately go to their child’s school if an emergency occurs. Durham Public Schools or your child’s school will contact you with information regarding reunification. Reunification will likely occur off site and not at your child’s school. Parents should ensure they are getting their information from trusted news sources during an emergency. Below are some helpful tips if an emergency ever occurs at your child’s school:

    • Stay calm and aware.  Our priority is keeping students safe. Monitor public notice by radio, television, and the internet for emergency updates and procedures.


    • Cooperate with school and/or law enforcement officials. In the case of an emergency, the safety of your child and others will depend upon the ability of school and law enforcement officials to do their jobs. Please cooperate with them by going where they tell you to go.


    • If there is an emergency, parents will be allowed to pick up their children from the school unless public safety officials have declared it to be a shelter-in-place, a lockdown is necessary, or there is another reason that access to the school is restricted.


    • During an emergency, school personnel will maintain a safe environment for children within the school. School will not automatically be cancelled in emergency situations because the school could likely be the safest place for children.


    • All parents/guardians will be required to fill out a Reunification Card once they arrive at the site. Parents/guardians can go ahead and have these cards on hand if you ever have to go through the reunification process. Also, make sure you have your ID, as this will be required at the reunification site. The reunification card is found below:


    Reunification Card (English)


    Reunification Card (Spanish)