New Directions Center

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    Welcome to the New Directions Center, where our mission is to empower and enhance students by utilizing an individual approach that provides a more structured setting.  We at the New Directions Center will partner with families, community agencies and  school's in order to achieve educational and behavioral success.

About Us

  • District Program Administrator: Ericka Boone
    Address:  Located at Brogden Middle School, 1001 Leon St., Durham, NC 27704
    Hours of Operation: 7:30-3:15
    Phone : 919-287-4196
    2018-19 Served: 740 students

    Quality education is the key for success. The New Directions Center is committed to providing effective, efficient, and engaging instruction. Through this commitment, by all faculty and staff, we trust that every student will enhance their self-esteem and build consistent positive behavior.

    Academic Courses
    New Directions Center offers services that include the following: Elementary & Middle School Common Core State Standards and Essential Standards, counseling, case management, small class sizes, behavioral management, and other educational services.

    Brief Overview
    The New Directions Center, currently located in Brogden Middle School, is a program offered to students in grades 3-8 as an optional alternative to short-term suspension.  The program provides a supportive and structured environment for students to “attend” school while on a short-term suspension from their school for lower level offenses (Level I or II) in the Code of Student Conduct.  The focus of this program is to provide a safe, supportive learning environment option for families. 

    The NDC ensures that students continue with their instructional program, receive social-emotional support, and strengthen skill-building strategies while in a small classroom setting. The New Directions Center provides instructional support to assist students academically and socially to enhance their self-esteem and build on positive behavior for a smooth transition back to their base school.