EC (Niños y niñas excepcionales)

  • Información para el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Durham
    Information for Durham Public Schools' employees

    The Spanish-language interpreter request form is available by clicking here. (Please note: the form for the 2022-23 school year will go live on August 18, 2022.)

    The Spanish-language interpreter request form for summer 2022 (i.e. June 15, 2022 to August 15, 2022) is available by clicking here.

    Note: If you are submitting your request with less than 10-days notice and your request qualifies for a waiver (i.e. MDR, parent referral, initial referral, transition meeting for a change in placement, etc.), please reach out to the assigned interpreter, request that the process be waived, include a short explanation and list all availability. The MRC will, then, confirm an interpreter.

    The Spanish-language translation request form is available by clicking here. (Please use this form if you are requesting the translation of a written document.)

    If you need interpretation in a language other than Spanish, please send your request, including the student's name, preferred date(s) and time(s) of the meeting, whether the meeting will be in-person, virtual or telephonic and an estimated meeting length, to Multilingual[dot]ResourceCenter[at]dpsnc[dot]net.


    El intérprete asignado a cada escuela sigue a continuación.
    The interpreter assigned to each school is below.

    Escuelas primarias
    Elementary schools

    Bethesda ES     Vacant
    Burton ES     Vacant
    C. C. Spaulding ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    Club Boulevard ES     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Creekside ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    E.K. Powe ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    Easley ES     Carmen Cone
    Eastway ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    Eno Valley ES     Miguel Gomez
    Fayetteville Street ES     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Forest View ES     Carmen Cone
    George Watts ES     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Glenn ES     Miguel Gomez
    Hillandale ES     Carmen Cone
    Holt ES     Vacant
    Hope Valley ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    Lakewood ES     Miguel Gomez
    Little River ES     Carmen Cone
    Lyons Farm ES     Miguel Gomez
    Mangum ES     Elizabeth Pomare
    Merrick-Moore ES     Miguel Gomez
    Morehead ES     Vacant
    Oak Grove ES     Vacant
    Parkwood ES     Miguel Gomez
    Pearsontown ES     Miguel Gomez
    R. N. Harris ES     Miguel Gomez
    Sandy Ridge ES     Vacant
    Southwest ES     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Spring Valley ES     Vacant
    W.G. Pearson ES     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Y.E. Smith ES     Vacant

    Escuelas secundarias
    Middle schools

    Brogden MS     Carmen Cone
    Carrington MS     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Githens MS     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Lakewood Montessori MS     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Lowe's Grove MS     Miguel Gomez
    Lucas MS     Carmen Cone
    Neal MS     Vacant
    Rogers-Herr MS     Elizabeth Pomare
    Shepard MS     Nidia Matute-Lobo

    Las preparatorias
    High schools

    City of Medicine Academy     Elizabeth Pomare
    Early College     Miguel Gomez
    Hillside HS     Miguel Gomez
    Hillside New Tech HS     Miguel Gomez
    Jordan HS     Elizabeth Pomare
    Northern HS     Carmen Cone
    Performance Learning Center     Miguel Gomez
    Riverside HS     Carmen Cone
    Southern School of Energy and Sustainability     Vacant

    Otras escuelas
    Other schools

    Durham School of the Arts     Elizabeth Pomare
    Hospital School     Elizabeth Pomare
    Ignite Academy     Nidia Matute-Lobo
    Lakeview     Miguel Gomez
    School for Creative Studies     Nidia Matute-Lobo

    updated on September 29, 2022