• The SHAC is in place to help plan, update, implement, promote, and monitor policy 6140 as well as to address other health and nutrition issues within the school system. The council serves as an advisory committee regarding student health issues and works in conjunction with the lead wellness officials charged with oversight of this policy and the school system’s efforts to promote student and employee health and wellness.


    Michael Somers, Michael_Somers@dpsnc.net  

    Raina Bunnag, rbunnag@dconc.gov

    David Hackney, David_Hackney@dpsnc.net

    James Keaten, James_Keaten@dpsnc.net


    Council Members

    Durham TRY

    • Wanda Boone


    Durham Tech

    • Wilma Herndon



    • Janelle Averill
    • DeShea Blake


    Durham County Dept. Public Health

    • Morgan Medders
    • Marissa Mortiboy
    • Raina Bunnag
    • Donna Rosser 
    • Jessica Bousquette
    • Kamaria Mason
    • Marsha Edwards


    Insight Human Services

    • Armenous Dobson
    • Agyei Ekundayo


    NC Dept. Public Instruction

    • Susanne Schmal


    Duke University Health / Community Engagement

    • Amanda Snyderman
    • Audrey McKinnon
    • Cindy Haynes
    • Tricia Smar
    • Kim Nichols
    • Stephanie Martinez
    • Kiah Gaskins
    • Kimberly Monroe


    Durham Public Schools 

    • Natalie Beyer, Board of Education
    • Becky Pope, Registered Dietician
    • Tricia Howard, Lead School Nurse
    • Chris Soto, Social-Emotional/Mental Health
    • Jeff Koweek, Human Resources
    • Teresa Dafford, Community Education 
    • Elizabeth Simms, Healthful Living 6-12
    • Leslie Atherholt, Health & PE Teacher K-5
    • Dr. Deborah Pitman, Specialized Services
    • Clifton Williams, Director Custodial Services
    • Tiffany Foster, Family Engagement
    • Linden Thayer, Food Services Planning
    • Sara Snyder, School Nurse
    • Erin Carroll, Outdoor Learning


    Alliance Behavioral Health

    • Ashley Bass-Mitchell
    • Jennifer Meade