What Do I Need to Return?

Chromebook Charger
Hotspot Charger

When Do I Need to Return Them?

  • We recommend that students keep devices (Chromebook, charger, hotspot, and hotspot charger) until the last day of school on June 4. However, if students turn in their devices on their final day of testing or before hte end of the year, they are agreeing that their grades and attendance are finalized. If students turn in devices early, they will still have the option of logging in with a phone or personal device to continue to attend class and/or complete work. However, if students do not login to classes, they will be marked absent.

    If you are attending RISE Summer Camp at Neal Middle, you may keep your device, but we would prefer that students return them so they can be checked and updated. If you are an 8th grader, all devices must be turned in, and your summer camp location will issue you a new device.

    June 8 is the last day to return devices if you are completing make-up work.


    To view the Device Return Schedule, click here. If you are not coming to Neal to test, please bring your devices to the main office when your classes end and/or you are finished with your make-up work.