Student Tech Support & FAQ's

Updating your Chromebook
  • Below are some of guiding tips for navigating a few of the most common tech issues.

    I can't get in into my Zoom class or Zoom keeps kicking me out...

    1. Make sure you are signed in on Zoom with yours DPS email account through SSO. 
    2. Make sure your Zoom app and Chromebook is updated.
    3. If the screen is white, you are in the waiting room. If a few minutes have passed and you are still there, leave and retry entering the Zoom class.
    4. If the screen is black, you are waiting for the host to start the meeting. Ensure that your class is meeting on Zoom that day by emailing your teacher. 

    My password is not working to log onto my computer or NCEdCloud...

    1. Make sure you are typing your password correctly. 
    2. If your password has a capital letter, make sure you are pressing the Shift key simultaneously.
    3. If your password needs to be reset, please call the school at 919.560.3906 or visit this link from the DPS IT Help Desk that gives you three methods on how to reset your password.

    My hotspot is not working...

    1. Try sitting as close to your hotspot as much as possible.
    2. Streaming movies and videos will slow down your internet connection, so it is encouraged you use your hotspot's internet for class and homework only.
    3. View this guide on how to troubleshoot your hotspot.

    My Chromebook is not typing correct keys...

    1. Press CTRL + Spacebar to change the Keyboard back to US Keyboard in the Chromebook settings.

    My computer will not turn on, is missing keys, or has a broken screen, etc....

    1. If your device is not working appropriately or has been damaged, please call the school at 919.560.3906 to make an appointment to have your device looked at.
    2. You may also contact DPS IT for technical support at or call 919-560-3837 ext. 96260.