• Workers' Compensation and Eligibility

    All DPS employees are covered under Workers' Compensation laws.  If approved, payment is provided for medical expenses and partial income at no cost to you, if you are injured or contract an occupational disease in the course and scope of your job.  Workers' Compensation claims are approved by our Workers' Compensation insurance carriers, Sedgwick or PMA Companies.

    Reporting an Injury

    Instructions for site-based Workers' Compensation Contact Person (Treasurer or Supervisor):

    • Print and provide to the injured employee the "Employee Statement Form"- Employee Statement Form
    • If the employee requires medical treatment, advise the employee of our approved Authorized Medical Treatment Facilities: Fastmed Urgent Care and Emerge Ortho
    • Print and provide the Authorization to Treat form for the injured employee to take with them to give to treating facility- FastMed Authorization or Emerge Ortho Authorization
    • Notify the Workers' Compensation Office of the injury as soon as possible and complete the "Accident Investigation Form"- Accident Investigation

    Instructions for Injured Employee:

    • At the time of the accident, immediately report your injury to your supervisor and/or School Treasurer and complete the "Employee Statement Form"-Employee Statement Form
    • If medical treatment other than first aid is necessary, take the signed authorization form to either FastMed or Emerge Ortho- FastMed Authorization or Emerge Authorization
    • Provide your Supervisor, Treasurer and Workers' Compensation office your work status note with any restrictions as soon as possible.  


  • Contact

    Workers' Compensation Analyst:

    Estefania Kanyinda ext. 29408

    Phone: 919-560-3701



    Authorized Medical Treatment Facilities

    FastMed Urgent Care (any location)

    7010 NC-751

    Durham, NC 27707


    Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm

    Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm

    Emerge Ortho Urgent Care

    120 William Penn Plaza

    Durham, NC 27704


    Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm


Workers' Compensation FAQ

  • When am I expected to return to work?

  • If I am injured at work and unable to work, how will I be paid?

  • What is the waiting period?

  • Who is an adjuster and what do they do?

  • Do I get to choose my doctors?

  • How do I pay for my employer sponsored benefits while I am receiving Workers' Compensation?

  • What is the rate that I am paid while out of work on Workers' Comp?

  • Where do I get more information about Workers' Compensation?