• About the School Improvement Team (SIT)

    The GMS School Improvement Team is built from representatives of our school stakeholders.  It includes teachers, staff, adminstrators, parents and local supporters.  The SIT team represents a wide range of perspectives and expertise from the entire Githens community.  The positions on this team are elected to serve 2-year terms and open positions are filled by election each year. All meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in getting involved please reach our to the chair of the SIT Team. 

    GMS SIT By-laws


    Team Meetings

    Githens SIT meets on the 3rd Monday of each Monday at 3:00pm via Zoom link and it is open to the public.  If you would like to attend please email the chair for the Zoom join code.  Check our GMS SIT Meetings page for a list of this year's meetings and minutes from past meetings of the team.


    SIT Responsibilities

    The team's main responsibility is developing and implementing the annual  School Improvement Plan .  The Githens SIP located on Indistar. and you may access it to read the details of the SIP for the current school year.  Information on how to view the GMS plan is shown below.

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    This yearly plan includes targets and goals for the ongoing advancement of the school.   At its heart, the SIP is designed for the overall improvement and success of every Githens Raider scholar.

    The SIT team also serves as a resource for the school, the teachers, the parents and the principal.

    The School Improvement Team:

    • Builds the capacity of the school to continuously improve in areas of school climate and satisfaction
    • Promotes positive school climate which includes student health, safety, discipline and working conditions
    • Facilitates the involvement of the school community in designing and implementing the plan
    • Encourages, supports and creates opportunities for the involvement of parents
    • Promotes stakeholder satisfaction (students, parents and teachers)
    • Responds to specific school needs


    SIT Members

    School Improvement Team Members 2020-21:

    1. Antia Thomas (Applied Arts Representative)
    2. Lynne Brady (8th Grade Math Representative & SIT Chair)
    3. Elizabeth Clary (AIG Instructional Support Staff)
    4. Sarah Montello (8th Grade ELA Representative)
    5. Deborah Franks (8th Grade Social Studies Representative)
    6. Carley Goodrum (EC Representative)
    7. Tanisha Crosson (6th Grade Social Studies Representative)
    8. Amanda Pulliam (7th Grade Social Studies Representative)
    9. Harlyn Strongoli (8th Grade Science Representative)
    10. Luke Pickering (7th Grade Social Studies Representative)
    11. Dionne Jimenez  (Fine Arts Representative)
    12. Shlisa Stackhouse (8th Grade Science Representative)
    13. Becky Sanford DeRousie (Parent Representative)
    14. Christine Jackson (6th Grade Math Representative)
    15. Carrie Henderson (Fine Arts Representative)
    16. Rebecca Burns (7th Grade Science Representative)
    17. Sashir Moore-Sloan (8th Grade Social Studies & Equity Representative)
    18. Kim Hopkins (CTE Representative)
    19. Kokeya Evans (Certified Staff Representative)
    20. Jennifer Wayson (Testing Coordinator Representative)
    21. Erica Libertore(Parent Representative) 

    Non-Elected Members

    1. Sheldon Lanier (Principal)
    2. James Carter (AP)
    3. Vivanease Major (AP)
    4. Lori Bruce (AP)
    5. Justine Daniel (Teaching and Learning Coach)