School Improvement Grant

  • What is a School Improvement Grant?

    Neal Middle School is the proud recipient of a five-year SIG grant. The grant is a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students and our school community.

    School improvement Grants (SIGs) are monetary grants to state educational agencies. These grants are designed to provide the resources needed to substantially raise the achievement of students in low-performing schools.

    Our SIG Goals:

    • The SIG grant monies are being used to help provide the school and students with resources.
    • Our goal is to increase student proficiency by 5% and meet or exceed growth in reading, math, and science. 


    • Neal will be implementing the Transformation Intervention Model.
    • The grant funding will conclude at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
    • Our goal is to increase use of frequent formative assessments to analyze student learning, which leads to differentiation in student learning. 

    Funding Allocations:

    • Technology (Chromebooks)
    • Online Resources (Exact Path, Newsela, IXL)
    • Professional development for teachers
    • Staffing (Academic Coaches and Transformation Coach)

    Social and Emotional Learning Highlights:

    • Neal empowers students and teachers to build healthy relationships through Capturing Kids' Hearts. 
    • This process helps students to develop self-managing behaviors in the clasroom and school environment. 
    • Our Positive Behavior Intervention Support recognizes our students' progress in the area of self-managing their behaviors.

    Community Business Partners:

    • Summit Church
    • East Durham Children's Initiative
    • NC State iScholar

    How Can Families and Communitites Support Our SIG Goals?

    • Attend family events throughout the year.
    • Maintain regular communication with teachers.
    • Join the PTA.