Application Process

  • To participate in the HHS Army JROTC Program, all students (second-semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors):

    1. Must have an overall weighted GPA of 2.0
    2. Have no failing grades in the current semester
    3. Have no excessive amounts of unexcused absences from all classes for the semester
    4. No disciplinary actions in or out of school.
    5. Current cadets must have a minimum of C average (2.0) in JROTC.

    The application should be completed by the student, but a parent/guardian should review it before it is submitted. The application deadline is February 28th. Applications can be obtained from Hillside High School’s JROTC Department or Student Services.


    Incoming high school freshmen (first semester freshmen) do not have to worry about their GPA or completing an application upon initial enrollment, but they must be willing to adhere to the policies and procedures directed by the US Army, US Army Cadet Command, Hillside High School, and Hillside High School JROTC.

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