• zoom Connecting via Zoom!  

    Students will connect with their homeroom classrooms via zoom for live instruction. 

    Your student's homeroom teacher will supply a direct link or a zoom meeting ID and Passcode.   If you were provided the zoom meeting ID and Passcode, please enter that information at https://zoom.us/join.

    If you have not been provided the above information, please contact your student's homeroom teacher by e-mail.  You can find the homeroom teacher's e-mail in the Staff Directory. If you don't know your student's homeroom teacher, please contact the main office at 919-560-3952.  

    Need additional support Connecting via Zoom!

    Here is a short video on how to Connect via Zoom!

    Abbreviated video directions for logging onto zoom with a Meeting ID and Password:

    1. Go to the website:  https://zoom.us/join  
    2. You will be prompted to enter your Meeting ID provided by the teacher - this is a 11 digit code.
    3. You will then go to the next screen where you will be prompted to enter the Password your teacher provided.
    4. The first time you set up Zoom you will be prompted to enter a name.  Please provide the teacher with your first name and last initial or your first and last name.  This will ensure we are only admitting the necessary students.  
      1. This can be corrected during their next zoom meeting.  
      2. Once they are admitted students can click on the 3 dots, select rename, and enter their first name and last initial or first and last name.