The Whitted School was originally established as Durham's first high school for African-American students in 1922 under the name Hillside Park Highschool, later changed to J.A. Whitted. By the mid 1970s the African American high school student population had outgrown the building, and the school was repurposed as office space for various organizations. Later, having been defunct and vacant since 2005, the city, county and Durham Public Schools provided funding for renovation and rejuvenation of the historic landmark.  A project estimated at $10.9 million provided funding to remodel the building and give it a new community purpose. Today, the J.A. Whitted building is now a Preschool and a Senior Living Housing Center serving low-income populations, The Whitted School and Veranda at Whitted.

    You can learn more about the historical significance and the community and cultural impact of The Whitted School and J.A. Whitted School at the links below.





    The Whitted School is committed to providing equitable, high-quality Pre-K experiences for all four-year-olds in Durham County under the direction of Durham Pre-K. To learn more about the Durham Pre-K curriculum objectives or how to apply, please visit the links below.