Leave of Absence

  • Extended Medical Absences

    If you will be out of work for more than 3 consecutive days for medical reasons, even if you have enough paid time available to cover your absence, you must submit a leave request form and medical certification for proper processing. If you fail to follow the correct Leave Procedures, your pay and benefits may be affected. A quick summary to the leave process is outlined below.

    Forms Needed

     A Request for Leave Form is required to document any days when leave is taken.  Additional required forms are noted below and may be found under forms and documents.

    • Medical (Self): Medical Certification for Employee’s Own Serious Health Condition
    • Medical (Family): Medical Certification for a Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
    • Other: Relevant Documentation

    Employees requesting leave for other reasons must get supervisor and/or HR approval depneding on the type and length of leave.   Whether employees are paid during a leave depends on the type of leave they are taking, available paid time they may have accrued, and their eligibility for disability benefits.


    Questions about Leaves of Absence?

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