Leave of Absence

  • Absences of Ten Days or More

    If you will be out of work ten days or more, even if you have enough paid time available to cover your absence, you must complete paperwork to request a leave of absence. If you fail to follow the correct Leave Procedures, your pay and benefits may be affected. A quick summary to the leave process is outlined below.

    Forms Needed

     A Request for Leave Form is required for all leaves of absence. Additional required forms are noted below and may be found under forms and documents.

    • Medical (Self): Medical Certification for Employee’s Own Serious Health Condition
    • Medical (Family): Medical Certification for a Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
    • Other: Relevant Documentation

    Types of Leave

    • Medical
    • Educational
    • Military
    Employees are not eligible to take personal leave of absences. Whether employees are paid during leave depends on the type of leave they are taking, available paid time they may have accrued, and their eligibility for disability benefits.

    Questions about Leaves of Absence?


    Lisa Daniel
    Leave Analyst
    Phone: (919) 560-2618
    Fax: (919) 683-8723
    Email: lisa.daniel@dpsnc.net