• Mission

    The mission of Middle College High School at Durham Technical Community College is to expand learning opportunities for highly motivated students to earn a high school diploma while acquiring credit towards an Associate Degree, a four-year college, or an industry certification credential.


    1. MCHS Mavericks engage in life experiences through an equitable and diverse, collegiate environment. 
    2. Upon graduation from high school, students will leave as confident, contributing, critical thinkers who embrace life-long learning.

    MCHS Core Values

    MCHS values...

    Academic Excellence & Success: MCHS students and staff demonstrate the determination to achieve and excel in educational activities. MCHS students and staff are expected to implement organizational and management skills, as well as, effectively using available resources to promote success academically and in real-world scenarios. MCHS students and staff are life-long learners. This translates into being proactive, self-motivated, and accepting personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

    Social Engagement: MCHS students and staff are aware of, and participate in, the upholding of fairness, justice, and the general well-being of the society in which he or she lives.  MCHS students and staff are informed about issues that affect their society. Students and staff are aware of, and uphold, duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of all citizens. MCHS students and staff are informed citizens who advocate for and work towards the aim of caring for and maintaining natural and political environments in which they live.

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness: MCHS students and staff acknowledge and appreciate that groups of people can differ significantly from other groups in appearance, race and gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, etc. MCHS students and staff share the belief that true equity means every individual receiving what they need to develop to their full potential.

    Integrity: MCHS students and staff are expected to be honest and display good character, always upholding strong moral and ethical principles.

    Leadership: MCHS students and staff will model traits of an effective leader by collaboratively engaging with others while driving their vision with innovative methods.