• HR Benefit Analysts are available to assist employees with:

    • Insurance enrollment
    • Plan transfers or changes
    • Qualifying life events
    • Insurance related payroll deductions
    • Benefit questions
    • Retirement


    Please email or call Tori Royster at 919-560-3673 (Last Name A-K) or Jeannie Edwards at 919-560-9115 (Last Name L-Z).

    Insurance benefits are offered to eligible employees and/or their “dependents” in accordance with the NC Department of Public Instruction and Board of Education. Insurance claims are NOT processed by DPS Human Resources  - they are processed by the specific benefit provider. Employees are also encouraged to access their personal insurance information directly from the benefit providers as follows:

    NOTE: Benefit coverage is for 12 months (January 1 - December 31) and listed premiums would be the benefit deductions for 12 month employees.  Employees paid for 10 months of the year would have higher monthly deductions to cover the summer months when no regular paycheck is received. 


    For checking claims, reviewing benefits, and downloading ID cards for the State Health Plan, go to  

    See for information about getting an ID card online.

    For changes to health benefits due to qualifying life events, go to or call 855-859-0966.

    Current plan options include 80/20, 70/30 (default option), and CDHP.  See


    For Voluntary (Mark III) Benefits information  such as dental, vision, life, cancer, disability, etc., go to

    To access a listing of all policy options and information (including how to print ID cards), click here

    To access Mark III forms, click here.


    Employees can access supplemental retirement savings plans such as 401k and 457 plans.  Information and enrollment forms can be accessed at: 

    More information can also be found at: