• The Grants and Development Office procures federal, state and private grant resources for the school district that supports our initiatives and core work.  Grants support teaching and learning that ensures all Durham Public Schools (DPS) students have an education that will effectively prepare them for life in a changing world.  Grant writing, proposal development, and technical assistance are also provided for teachers, staff, and administrators within this department. Since all DPS grant proposals need to comply with district policies and procedures, including approval for submission by DPS administrators, the grants department manages this process for compliance.  The grant department also encourages DPS teaching staff and administrators to pursue new grant opportunities to advance teaching and learning initiatives.

    Any DPS teacher or staff member applying for a grant over $10,000 must seek approval from the Grants and Development Office. Approval for grants over this amount provides quality assurance to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness, and competitive presentations of proposals. Forecasted grants for the 2020-21 school year are included in the DPS Grants Calendar. 

    Community partners including universities and non-profits that want to partner with DPS on a grant proposal and need a letter of support must complete the Letter of Support Routing Slip. The Letter of Support Process Map outlines the timeline and requirements for obtaining a letter of support from DPS. With grants, research is usually needed as well to show effectiveness to funders. Even with a letter of support from DPS, district partners must still complete the research application and go through the review cycle before implementing any grant award. For more information and specifics, please contact the District Coordinator.

    District Contact Information:

    Dr. Julie Spencer
    Assistant Superintendent of Research & Accountability
    511 Cleveland Street
    Durham, NC 27701
    Phone:  (919) 560-2000, extension 21027