• Durham Public Schools understands the importance of educational research. We want to ensure that research projects in DPS support teaching and learning yet minimize classroom disruption. Research projects must align with the district’s educational goals and Strategic Plan.

    Please refer to Durham Public Schools Board Policy 5230 to get additional guidance regarding research projects in DPS.

    Durham Public Schools Board Of Education Policy 5230

    DPS strongly encourages anyone interested in submitting a proposal to do so as far in advance as possible of the proposed start date.  It is important that researchers submit a complete, well-conceived, thorough application for the Research Review committee to make an informed decision on the applications.  If your research proposal is denied, you must wait 12 months before resubmitting your application package.

    DPS Automatically disqualifies the following types of research applications: 
    • Undergraduate and Master's Research Studies
    • External Doctoral Research Studies 

    The Office of Research and Accountability does accept applications from internal doctoral candidates. However, those individuals are encouraged to set up a meeting with Research & Accountability prior to the submission of their application.