Teacher Supplement

  • We are excited to announce that our Board of Education has approved a teacher supplement increase for Durham Public School educators! Teachers and instructional support specialists, and others paid on the teacher salary schedules will now receive a supplement equivalent to 14% of the state base salary in years 1-15! The State also approved increases to the state salary schedule.  The salary schedules below have not been updated yet to reflect the new changes.

    We are actively recruiting teachers in our wonderful district! Durham is a vibrant and diverse city, with a beautiful climate, and a community that embraces and supports public education. You can find out more information about us by visiting our website. You can apply for all available jobs here.

  • 2018-2019 DPS Certified Salary Schedules

    Strategic Plan Gives Boost to Local Teacher Pay

    Additional Support Coming to Non-teaching Employees

    As a “down payment” toward the new 2018-2023 Strategic Plan’s priority to “Attract and Retain Outstanding Educators and Staff,” the Durham Public Schools Board of Education on June 28 authorized a significant increase in local teacher salary supplements, targeting those years in which DPS has the highest teacher turnover.


    “The longer our outstanding teachers stay with us, the better our student outcomes will be,” said Superintendent Pascal Mubenga. “Our veteran teachers will continue to receive the highest local supplements. We are using our available funds to primarily target our teachers in the first ten years of their career, where our turnover has been the highest. Now we are more competitive with our neighboring districts.”


    The new salary supplement schedule for 2018-19 raises the minimum local teacher salary supplement (for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree) from $4,375 to $4,900, a $525 increase. The average local supplement for teachers in their first ten years of experience will increase by approximately $800. Veteran teachers will continue to receive the highest local supplements.


    Under the new structure, local salary supplements will range from $4,900 for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree employed for 10 months, to $14,345 for a 30-year veteran with National Board certification and a doctorate degree employed for 12 months.


    Teachers in North Carolina receive a base salary from the state, adjusted for years of experience and licensure type (including degree earned and National Board certification). Like other North Carolina districts, DPS supplements that salary with local funding to address the cost of living and compete with other districts.


    “We have more work to do,” said Arasi Adkins, assistant superintendent for human resources. “Our board has given us more tools to keep and attract great teachers early in their careers. The next step is to support teachers across the board.”


    The school board’s action came as part of a spending plan to support the district’s five-year Strategic Plan. Another part of the plan includes partial implementation of the results of a salary study of classified, or non-teaching, positions within Durham Public Schools. $500,000 in recurring funding was allocated by the board; the district’s Office of Human Resources will present recommendations for adjusting classified salary schedules this fall.


2018-2019 Salary Schedules