• Cleaning

    • Chromebooks, especially those with touchscreens, are fingerprint and germ magnets. Please clean your devices fairly regularly.
    • The best way to clean a Chromebook is to use Clorox wipes. Ensure the device is powered off, use the wipe to clean the device, and then dry it with a paper towel.


    • Ensure that any damage is reported immediately and responsible students are held accountable.
    • Your cart needs to stay in the condition in which it was issued to you. Issues like scratched screens, missing keyboard keys, vandalism, and missing webcams are not normal wear and tear; they are issues that stem from a lack of supervision and even neglect on teachers' parts. Please follow all Glenn Elementary School policies for Chromebook and technology use.


    • Keep carts organized, secured, and ready for teaching and learning. Report any damage or problems immediately. (Non-Negotiable)
    • Always know where all of your Chromebooks are and who has them at any given time (Non-Negotiable).
    • Before and after each class, ensure that all Chromebooks are accounted for, are in the correct spaces, and are plugged in.
    • All Chromebooks are numbered and labeled, and labels are secured with Gorilla Tape. Do not allow students to vandalize or remove labels.


    • Ensure that all Chromebooks are plugged in to the correct charger.
    • Ensure that the cart is plugged in and Chromebooks are charging.
    • Check the plug in the wall. If your cart has multiple plugs, keep them all plugged in.
    • Check where the plug connects to the cart. This can come loose.
    • Check that the toggle switch (red on most carts) is turned on and lit up.


    • Lock your cart when it is not in use, and do not give out your lock combination to students. If you need to change your lock combination at any time, please let Mr. Jones know.
    • If you lose your lock, you will need to replace it. 
    • Do not allow students to bring Chromebooks home.


    These policies and procedures have been taken in large part from those of Neal Middle School courtesy of Mr. Wylie.