• Who takes this test? All 10th graders

    When will they take it? October

    Where will they take it? High School where enrolled

    Why will they take it? Taking the PLAN as a sophomore will allow students to assess their current academic success and explore options for their future.  The feedback students receive from this assessment will provide information that will be invaluable to them as they explore career and training opportunities.  The information will also help students, parents, and school staff make decisions about which courses students take over their next 2 years in high school.

    Cost: No cost

    Test Format: The PLAN has 4 Multiple-Choice sections.  The test is designed to take about 2 hours.

    • 50 English Questions
    • 40 Math Questions
    • 25 Reading Questions
    • 30 Science Questions

    Test Preparation: ACT's PLAN Student Website: - Here you will find basic information about the test, sample test items, test taking tips, information about what your scores mean, and information to help you plan for high school, college and/or a career.