• Textbook Drop-off and Pick up Information

    Fall 2023

    *Students who took summer school classes may begin dropping off their textbooks on Thursday, August 3 and Friday, August 4.

    Detailed Information Document 

    • Will my student receive textbooks for high school classes? 

      • Each teacher will communicate with students in regards to what textbooks they need and these books will be distributed during class by high school teachers.


    • How can I get books for my students’ college classes?

      • Middle College High School provides days at the beginning of each semester where students can come to the MCHS bookroom and pick up college textbooks. Students should NOT go directly to the DTCC bookstore. However if students do not pick up books on our designated distribution dates, they will become responsible for purchasing books and/or access codes.


    • Are college textbooks and access codes free for Middle College High School students? 

      • Yes, as long as you obtain the materials from Middle College High School directly and you do not purchase them on your own from an outside vendor. However, if students do not pick up books on our designated distribution dates, they will then become responsible for purchasing books and/or access codes.

        • Note: We do not purchase textbooks/access codes for summer courses. 

        • For all stipulations regarding textbooks and access codes, please see the MCHS Student/Family Handbook. 


    • What if MCHS does not have the college textbook in stock? Can I go and buy the book and get reimbursed? 

      • No, you can not get reimbursed. DO NOT go and purchase any textbooks from the DTCC bookstore or any other outside vendor. Middle College High School will not reimburse families if they pay for the books up front. Mrs. Silva will communicate with the DTCC bookstore to secure a copy of the book or access code which requires a different billing process. 


    • What do I do if my course requires an access code?

      • Mrs. Silva will provide a voucher during textbook pick-up. The student is responsible for taking the voucher to the DTCC Bookstore (located in Building 10) along with their DTCC Student ID. The bookstore will provide the access code. Any further questions regarding access codes, students can ask Mrs. Silva.


    • How long is my access code valid?

      • The answer to this question depends on the student’s course and specific section. Cengage access codes are valid up to a full year, so students should remember login and password information. MCHS will not replace an access code once it is lost by the student.


    • My access code is not working. What should I do?

      • If the access code you received from the bookstore doesn’t work, you should contact your DTCC instructor. You should confirm with your instructor that the course you are taking doesn’t require an additional code. After that, the bookstore can help you log in with your access code.

    Students should ensure they have a working access code prior to the first day of class. Do NOT select the option to participate in  a 14-day free trial.