• Outreach

    Issues We Handle:

    • Attendance
    • Bullying
    • Safety
    • Special Education
    • Transportation

    What We Do:

    Our office serves community stakeholders, current parent/ guardians as well as prospective Durham Public School families Please reach out to us when:

    • You are facing a problem you have not been able to resolve at the school level.
    • You don’t know where to go for help
    • You are having difficulty finding the information you need.

    The Office of School Relations will:

    • Listen and help find the appropriate first place to seek resolution.
    • Serve as a resource to connect the right people to resolve the relevant concerns.
    • Provide information about district policies and procedures.
    • Coach individuals on how to prepare for difficult conversations. 

    The Office of School Relations is not able to

    • take personnel actions against school staff
    • investigate complaints against individual staff members
    • overturn student disciplinary decisions
    • provide legal advice nor intervene when parties are involved in legal or administrative proceedings