K-12 Student Demographics by District

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    Key Takeaways:

    The DPS student population in 2017-18 was 45 percent black, 31 percent Hispanic, 19 percent white, 3 percent two or more races, 2 percent Asian, and less than 1 percent American Indian and Pacific Islander. Statewide, only a handful of districts serve a higher proportion of students of color.

    While Durham is one of the 20 North Carolina counties designated by the Department of Commerce as Tier 3 or “least distressed”, Durham’s public school system has the highest proportion of students qualifying for free or reduced price meals among the 20 Tier 3 counties. Accordingly, while Durham is in many senses a wealthy county, the socioeconomic make up of Durham Public Schools more closely resemble those of economically distressed North Carolina counties. Furthermore, approximately half of non-economically disadvantaged familes in Durham county opt-out of Durham Public Schools.