• Technology-Rich Lessons

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      Tons of examples of how you can use equipment, online tools and software with your classes.
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  • Information & Technology Essential Standards (ITES)

    The Information Technology Essential Standards (ITES) for the middle grades are integrated into all subject areas. Download the ITES here.

    Sources of Information

    I can analyze and evaluate sources to get the best answers to my questions.

    Technology as a Tool

    I can analyze, evaluate, and choose the correct tool and skill for the assigned task.

    Research Process

    I can use the steps in a research process to complete a project individually or with other students.

    Safety & Ethical Issues

    I can demonstrate appropriate use of computers and responsible behaviors when using information and technology resources.

  • The Five Pillars of Technology Resources

    Durham Public Schools' Educational Technology (EdTech) Department has organized the district's technology portfolio into five categories:

    Standards & Policies

    ...including ITES (above), Common Core standards, and state and district policies.

    Best Practices

    ...including Project-Based Learning, the Big 6 / Super 3, IMPACT model, flipped instruction, and BYDS

    Tools for Teaching & Learning

    ...including Edmodo, GoogleApps, Activinspire, Power Teacher, Nextpert, SMART Boards and student response systems

    Curriculum Support Resources

    ...including Atomic Learning, Discovery Education, DEPOT, NC Wise Owl, Destination Success, Destiny, Learn NC, SAS Curriculum Pathways and many more


    ...including Next Network, Lexile Framework, Scholastic inventories and others

  • Collaboration

    Google Apps

    Google Apps for Education
    Great for collaborating with colleagues and students


    Safe social networking for education


    Store files in the cloud and access them anywhere you have internet.

    Lino it

    Share ideas with group members: arrange virtual sticky notes on a online canvas.


    Collaborate on timelines, graphic organizers and other visual ideas.


    Your personal internet desktop


    Collaborative project organizer

    RHMS QR code

    QR Codes in Education
    Learn how you can use Quick Response Codes in education, and create your own!

  • Online Learning

    NC Write

    Students can practice writing, receive instant feedback, learn with engaging tutorials, and track improvement online.

    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education
    Extensive database of educational videos

    DPS Video Database

  • Poll your Students

    Engage your kids with instant formative assessments!


    Instant student response system, with educational exercises and games

    Today's Meet

    Students can comment, ask questions, and give real-time feedback so you can address their needs.

    Poll Everywhere

    Poll Everywhere
    Engage your class with a poll or a question, and see results in real time. Students can respond using text messaging, a custom URL, or even Twitter.