• Science Resources

    Curriculum & Test Prep

    Science Games & Activities

    • Brainpop (Science) - excellent science resources and short videos from the BrainPop library
    • Brainpop (Engineering & Technology) - excellent technology resources and short videos from the BrainPop library
    • Bridge Designer - This site (by the engineering school at Johns Hopkins University) allows the user to construct a truss, often used in bridges
    • Electricity - a good site about electricity safety
    • Energy - information about the different types of energy. Wisconsin K12 Energy Education Program.
    • Energy Quest - including Watt's That Junior Energy Games
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Kids
    • Extreme Oil - Oil is more in demand and harder to find than ever. This site tracks oil production from four oil-producting areas of the world.
    • Gizmos! - interactive online simulations that power inquiry and understanding (free 30 day trial)
    • Hobby Shop - Here you'll find some fun and interesting activities in a variety of math and science areas, such as building a rocket or looking at specimens under a microscope.
    • How Stuff Works - Just like the books, about how stuff works!


    Science Games & Activities, continued

    • National Zoological Park - Information about our National Zoo, special articles about some of the animals, endangered species and many more things.
    • The Periodic Table of Comic Books - Great site for learning the periodic table of elements (grades 6-12)
    • Science Fair Ideas - Excellent guide for making a winning science fair project for any level science class.
    • Sodaplay Science Interactivity - Allows you to construct models (requires login)
    • The Science House - innovative STEM programs and resources (NCSU). Sponsors the Science Olympiad and enrichment programs for students.
    • Science of Baseball - Test your reflexes and reaction time against the 90mph fastball and learn the science of pitching a baseball.
    • Science of Hockey - Test your reflexes and reaction time against the world's best hockey players as well as learning about the science of the game.
    • Skyview Cafe - What stars, plants, and constellations are over your house tonight? (Requires Java)
    • Solar System - Discover the wonders of our solar system in a spectacular 3-D environment. Take a flyby tour of the sun and each planet in its orbit, observe planets and extraterrestrial weather patterns up close, and more.
    • StarChild Learning Center for Young Astronomers is a popular interactive website with information about the solar system organized into appropriate reading levels for elementary students
    • Successful Science Fair Projects
    • A Walk in The Woods - Go take a hike! Explore the cycle of life and living things on your walk. Also in Spanish.