Meal Prices for 2023-2024

School Lunch

Meal Prices for 2023-2024

School Meal Prices - 2023-2024
  • In SY23-24, 28 Durham Public Schools are participating in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), which provides breakfast AND lunch free of charge to ALL students during the school day. These schools are identified using a calculator specified by the USDA. For further information, contact Dr. Linden Thayer (

    CEP SCHOOLS (Community Eligibility Schools)



    289 Whitted

    304 Bethesda Elementary

    306 Brogden Middle

    308 Burton Elementary

    310 Eastway Elementary

    315 Eno Elementary

    316 Carrington Middle

    320 Glenn Elementary

    322 Durham Performance Learning Center

    324 Hillandale Elementary

    325 Hillside High 

    328 Holt Elementary

    338 Shepard Middle

    339 Lakewood Elementary

    341 Lakeview Secondary

    343 Lucas Middle

    344 Fayetteville Elementary

    346 Lowe’s Grove

    352 Merrick-Moore Elementary                                                                                                            

    355 Neal Middle

    360 Oak Grove

    362 Parkwood

    367 RN Harris Elementary

    368 Southern High

    374 CC Spaulding Elementary

    388 WG Pearson Elementary

    400 YE Smith Elementary

    701 Durham School of Technology

  • Paying For Meals

    Students who receive reduced-price lunch or who buy their lunch can pay for meals using the online meal payment portal:  You will need to know your child’s student ID number, also known as the PowerSchool ID, to set up your account.  (If your child receives free lunch or attends a school where lunch is free for all students,  you do not need to pay for lunch.)

    The online payment portal allows you to:

    • Pre-pay for meals or pay as you go

    • View your child’s purchases (meal history)

    • View your balance

    • Set up automatic payments

    • Receive alerts when your pre-paid balance is low or you have past-due payments

      • Go to “Manage Profile”

      • Click “Send Low Balance Notification” 


    Please contact School Nutrition Services at 919-560-2370 for information regarding refunds.