• Spark Initiative

    The Office of Public Affairs has launched a recognition pinning initiative to acknowledge both internal and external stakeholders who Ignite the Limitless Potential of our students and school district.
    Starting today, you can nominate someone to be recognized with a beautiful enamel pin of the DPS logo in one of four categories:

    • Sparks: DPS students who exemplify their limitless potential by innovating, serving or leading.
    • Spark Igniters: People inside or outside DPS who provide hands-on/direct impact such as teachers, volunteers, and family members.
    • Spark Supporters: Administrators, non-instructional staff, and other individuals in and out of DPS who provide a foundation and expertise to support our students, teachers, and schools.
    • Spark Advocates: Influencers who work outside of DPS to develop community partnerships, increase engagement and support for DPS, and improve student outcomes. 

    To submit a nomination CLICK HERE.