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    The School of Architecture and Construction Engineering is an accredited training and educational facility through the National Center for Construction Educational Research (NCCER). Our teachers are also trained and certified through NCCER. Students learn about various aspects of sustainable construction and transportation. These 21st century learners will focus on target issues for sustainable construction in the areas of innovation and transferability; ethical standards and social inclusion, resource and environmental performance; and prosperity and contextual aesthetic impact. 

    Our learners embrace the preservation of the environment as well as critical development-related issues, such as the efficient use of resources, continual social progress, stable economic growth, and the eradication of poverty. Students learn about various aspects of construction engineering and architecture as they experience real world application by working with businesses and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and General Contractors Association of Durham. Upon completion of Construction and Architectural Drafting courses, students will be eligible to earn Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) certifications. Students will also be eligible to receive national certifications from the National Center for Construction Education and Research in Construction, Electrical Trades, and Carpentry. Internship opportunities offered to students adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote social inclusion at all stages of construction, from planning and building to use and servicing; to ensure an enduring positive impact on communities. Proposals must demonstrate how they enhance the collective realm. Our goal is to ensure that we convey a high standard of architectural quality as a prevalent form of cultural expression. Southern School of Energy and Sustainability, in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, formed a partnership to provide career exploration, skills development, and job opportunities in transportation for eligible women, minorities, and disadvantaged individuals in North Carolina. 

    The academy now offers Interior Design Technology. Students will explore various interior design professions, while building the content knowledge and technical skills necessary to provide a foundational knowledge of the design industry.  Students will be eligible to receive certifications in Pre-Professional Assessment, Interior Design Fundamentals, and Revit.  

    Courses Offered


    Construction Core

    Carpentry 1 & 2

    Automotive Service Fundamentals, 1,2,&3

    Advanced Studies

    Drafting 1,2,&3