• Business The framework of Business Management and Sustainability can be defined as managing the triple bottom line, a process by which our students will manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and the planet.

    Our students understand and adhere to the principles of sustainable development, according to the North Carolina Council of Economic Education (NCCEE). Our students will focus on economic efficiency (innovation, prosperity, productivity), social equity (poverty, community, health and wellness, human rights) and environmental accountability (climate change, land use, biodiversity). Students will focus on one or more of the following: Investment Banking, Accounting, or Strategic Marketing. While selecting investment banking, students will be learning about large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, and other corporate reorganization. Students become diversified in financial accounting, managerial accounting and financial statement analysis topics. They will analyze business ownership, discuss the relationship of labor and business, and provide a broad overview of the global economy. Students concentrating in strategic marketing will look at the impact of marketing on society, procedures used in buying behavior, management of marketing information, development and management of products, marketing channels, supply chain management, and global marketing. Students will understand factors that affect biomedical, computer engineering and construction, while subsequently impacting local government policies and procedures on the market decision making, and the use of strategic alliances.


    Courses Offered


    Business Essentials

    Business Management I & II

    Financial Planning I & II

    Accounting I & II


    Marketing Applications

    Entrepreneurship I & II