Lottery Notification Process and Timeline

  • Magnet CTE Pathways

    Lottery Notification Process and Timeline

      • Lottery Notification Results Posted:  Monday, March 1, 2021 - Lottery notification results will be e-mailed and posted on the Parent Dashboard of the parent/guardian SmartChoice Application Account at

      • Deadline to Accept Assigned Lottery Seats:  Friday, March 19, 2021 (5:00 pm) – Parent/Guardian must accept the lottery seat by this deadline.  Lottery assignments not accepted by this deadline will be automatically marked as a declined seat. If an applicant accepts a lottery assignment, his/her name will be removed from all other lottery application waitlist(s). Declined seats are final and cannot be reclaimed.

      • Assigned Applicants – Applicants who are offered a magnet or CTE Pathway lottery seat may decline their assignment and remain wait-listed for a possible later assignment to another school/program/pathway applied for.

      • Waitlisted Applicants – If seats become available, applicants who are waitlisted will be assigned in the numbered order in which they are waitlisted. This process begins every two weeks from March 1st – June 30th for calendar magnet schools, and March 1st - July 31st for program magnet schools and CTE Pathways.

      • Exceptional Children’s Programs (ECP) -  Please note:  ECP may override lottery assignments for students whose IEP teams indicate the need for a separate/self-contained placement.