Sportsmanship in Durham Public Schools

  • This commitment includes but is not limited to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. Sportsmanship is defined as those qualities, which characterize generosity and genuine concern for others on and off the playing field. 

    These include the following:

    • Play Fair; take the victory without gloating or the loss or defeat without complaint.
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    • Respect yourself as well as others.
    • Utilize self-control, be courteous, and accept the outcome of your actions.
    • Display proper ethical behavior by exhibiting good character and doing the right thing.
    • Show Citizenship.

    All in attendance (fans, parents, players and coaches)

    • Show respect for the opposing team at all times. The opposing team should be treated with respect, honesty and generosity, which everyone deserves.
    • Show respect for the game officials. The officials should be viewed as an impartial judge who has been trained to perform their job without partiality.
    • Learn the rules of the contest. A good prerequisite of sportsmanship understands the rules of the game.
    • Know and appreciate the skills of the teams. Give credit to the ability of the teams.
    • Maintain Self-control. You must understand that you are responsible for your actions.

    Parents and Students (fans)

    • Understand that a ticket is a privilege to enjoy and observe the contest, not a license to verbally abuse others.
    • Exhibit exemplary character by being positive and supporting the teams in all manner possible. (Athletes, Coaches and Officials)
    • Give support to all participating in the contest. (athletes, coaches and officials)
    • Respect the judgment of others, including the coaches.


    • Accept the responsibility and privilege of representing your school and your District at all times.
    • Treat your opponents with the respect due to them as your guests.
    • Exercise self-control at all times, accepting all decisions and letting them be final
    • Accept victory and defeat with pride and compassion, never boasting nor showing bitterness.
    • Be a good role model and exhibit good character at all times.