Insurance Programs

  • Durham Public Schools administers and manages various insurance programs which includes but not limited to property, comprehensive general liability, school educators’ legal liability, automobile physical and liability, workers’ compensation, student and volunteer accident as well as other supplemental insurance programs.
    Several of the district’s insurance programs are largely self-insured by DPS in which losses, claims, and premiums are carefully managed to reduce the district’s exposures and overall cost. Internal loss controls, reporting, and claims’ management is vital to the success of these insured property and casualty programs. Each fiscal year these insurance programs and coverage is evaluated for effectiveness, premium costs, and industry rating for profitability. Additional information regarding any of the listed programs below can be obtained by contacting Risk Management Services.
    Student Accident Insurance  
    Durham Public Schools provides student accident insurance coverage for injuries that occur during the hours and days when school is in session and while students are participating in school-sponsored and supervised student activities on or off the school premises.  These student activities include interscholastic athletics and school sponsored group travel.
    This supplemental coverage is designed to pick up eligible balances left by any family or employer group insurance or plan and, if no other coverage or plan is available, to pay the medical/dental expenses incurred to the limits stated in the policy.  Student accident claim forms are available at each school and require completion by the student’s school and the parent or guardian.  Once the claim form is completed, the parent or guardian is responsible for filing the accident claim with the insurance carrier.
    An accident under this coverage is defined as an unexpected, sudden, and definable event which is the direct cause of a bodily injury, independent of any illness, prior injury, or congenital predisposition.  This plan provides a maximum medical benefit up to $25,000.00.  Payments for those medical/dental expenses incurred from an accident would be covered only in excess of any other plans.  The coverage would be for those medical/dental expenses incurred within 52 weeks from the date of the original accident.  Treatment must begin within 60 days from the date of the accident by a legally licensed medical or dental practitioner.
    Student Catastrophic Insurance  
    Durham Public Schools also provides mandatory and voluntary catastrophic athletic accident coverage for all high and middle school students while participating in interscholastic sporting events.  This program provides excess insurance coverage for high school athletes, student athletic trainers, coaches, student cheerleaders, and other student participants at covered activities.  This excess insurance coverage is from $25,000.00 up to $1 million dollars in catastrophic benefits.  This coverage is paid in excess of benefits paid by other insurance plans.
    Volunteer Accident Insurance  
    The North Carolina School Board Association endorses a volunteer accident insurance program that provides insurance coverage for adult school volunteers who may become injured while acting within the course and scope of their volunteer activities at a school.  To be eligible for this coverage the adult volunteer must be registered through Durham Public Schools’ Community Education Department.  The plan provides coverage for various limits of coverage including $5,000.00 for accidental medical expenses. Claim forms can be obtained by contacting Risk Management Services.