• To keep students and employees safe, Safety & Security Services ensures that all DPS employees receive appropriate safety and health training.  The complete slate of courses ranges from general awareness education to very detailed, specific training, depending on the nature of employee responsibilities. Safety & Security Services maintains records of employee safety and health training for all employees to ensure that employees at all schools in the district receive appropriate training.  Safety and health training is provided by a combination of instructor-led courses and online safety training modules.
    Current Training Programs
    • DPS New Employee Health and Safety Orientation – mandatory for all employees.  This course provides instruction on emergency action planning, injury prevention, asbestos, chemical safety, bloodborne diseases and prevention, and security procedures.
    • Emergency Preparedness – see Emergency Preparedness Training for more information.
    • Universal Precautions and Disease Prevention – training is mandatory for all employees.  It addresses disease prevention, universal precautions, and bloodborne pathogens.  Advanced training is provided for employees most at risk for diseases associated with blood and blood products.
    • Environmental and Indoor Air Quality – asbestos awareness training is provided for those involved in an instructional capacity.  Specialized asbestos training is provided to Maintenance Services and custodial staff.  Indoor air quality training addresses topics of mold/mildew, HVAC maintenance, and remedial actions.
    • Hazardous Materials:  Chemical Safety and Biohazards – awareness training is provided for employees.  Advanced training is provided for science teachers and some Maintenance Services and Child Nutrition Services’ personnel.
    • Maintenance and Construction Safety and Health – mandatory training for Maintenance Services’ personnel covers everything from ladder safety and fall prevention, electrical and chemical safety, to fire and lockout/tagout procedures, and more.
    • Mechanical Equipment and Vehicle Operations – a variety of courses are specifically designed for Maintenance Services’ personnel, industrial equipment operators, and those who use DPS vehicles. Special courses on operating hazardous equipment (lifts, forklifts, etc.) and working in confined spaces are required for employees who are involved in those activities.