Safety and Health

  • Durham Public Schools is committed to the safety and health of all students, employees, volunteers, and visitors within our growing school system. The school district and Safety & Security Services provide comprehensive programs and services that emphasize and reinforce ongoing safety education and training throughout all schools, facilities, and departments.

    DPS Board Policy #6300 – Employee Health and Safety reinforces that the school system shall be in compliance with the safety rules and regulations of the N.C. Department of Labor, which administers the Occupational and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) as amended.  The policy states that employees shall comply with all DPS health and safety policies, regulations and procedures, and all applicable federal and state safety and health laws, regulations, and agency orders.  Specific internal DPS programs are designed to provide school administrators, supervisors, and employees with a clear understanding of requirements related to federal, state, and local regulatory laws regarding the prevention of injuries, illnesses, and other emergencies that could potentially expose students, employees, or the general public.

    School site assessments are performed by a team of representatives from DPS Safety & Security Services and the Maintenance Department that evaluates school facilities, administrative procedures, and overall health and safety related practices. This comprehensive assessment provides an important function in identifying areas that may need improvement or correction. The assessment team offers expertise and resources that can assist the Principal and school with any needs that are identified during the assessment, or communicated by the Principal.  Safety & Security Services also works closely with our community partners to engage the resources and expertise that benefits the overall safety and health of Durham Public Schools.

    Responsibilities of Administrators and Supervisors

    Each administrator and supervisor is responsible for providing safe working and learning environments for all employees, students, volunteers, and visitors of Durham Public Schools. Administrators work to ensure that any unsafe condition or violation is appropriately and promptly resolved.  Management procedures and guidelines are established and followed that help identify, report, and eliminate deficiencies which could be a safety concern or hazard.  Safety & Security Services support administrators and supervisors with resources, consultative services, and training in order to maintain effective school and departmental staff safety and health programs.

    Responsibilities of Employees

    Each employee is to place health and safety requirements first in importance in the performance of his or her work duties for Durham Public Schools.  The protection of all students, fellow employees, and visitors while on Durham Public Schools’ property is a shared responsibility of every employee.

    All employees are required to participate in various mandated general safety and health training programs based on their work environment and job responsibilities.  Additional safety training may be required for specialty job positions that cover safe work practices and procedures for assigned job duties.  All employees are responsible to help identify safety or health violations or deficiencies and notify their immediate supervisor for corrective actions.

    Responsibilities of Students

    Student conduct plays an important role in Durham Public Schools’ ability to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and visitors.  Durham Public Schools and Safety & Security Services entrust the safety of students to the principals, teachers, and staff of our schools.  We support their efforts to maintain a safe learning environment where students and staff can interact effectively to promote education and personal growth.