Some Tips for Students to Avoid Violence

    • Keep strong family ties. Listen to your parents and obey family rules. Talk to the grown-ups that you trust.
    • Get involved in school and community activities. Play sports, such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, write a play or poem, play a musical instrument, or join a club.
    • Avoid disrespectful behavior. Treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of their race, ethnicity or sex. Don’t make fun of someone because they are different than you.
    • Avoid alcohol and drugs. Stay away from alcohol and drugs as well as people who use them.
    • Stay away from weapons, like guns or knives. Do not touch or carry a weapon. If you see a weapon, leave and tell a grown-up that you trust.
    • Do not join a gang. Do not participate in gang activities. You are more likely to get hurt if you are in a gang.
    • Be a good citizen. Respect authority and obey laws. Respect police. Understand that they are working to keep us all safe.
    • Be careful. Be concerned about your safety everywhere you go, especially if you are alone. Do not go to unknown places or talk with strangers. If a weapon is present, leave. Always tell your parents and family members where you are.