• ATG2

    Priority 1: Increase Academic Achievement

    • 1A: By 2023, at least 90 percent of all Durham Public Schools will meet or exceed standards for year-to-year academic growth as measured by the state model.
    • 1B: By 2023, at least 60 percent of all DPS students will achieve grade-level proficiency as measured by End-of-Grade and End-of-Course testing.
    • 1C: By 2023, the DPS four-year graduation rate for students who start with DPS in ninth grade will be at least 90 percent.
    • 1D: By 2023, 100 percent of all teachers, leaders, and staff will use technology as a tool for accelerating and personalizing student learning.

    Priority 2: Provide a Safe School Environment that Supports the Whole Child

    • 2A: By 2023, 100 percent of Durham Public Schools will implement research-based cultural frameworks to support the social-emotional health and safety of students and staff.
    • 2B: By 2023, DPS will reduce the percentage of students suspended out of school from kindergarten through twelfth grade to 4 percent or lower.

    Priority 3: Attract and Retain Outstanding Educators and Staff

    • 3A: By 2023, DPS will reduce the teacher turnover rate to below 14.3 percent.
    • 3B: By 2023, the percentage of DPS educators and staff who identify as Hispanic/Latino will increase from 3 to 10 percent.
    • 3C: By 2023, DPS will create and implement an employee satisfaction survey geared toward all staff and modeled by the Teacher Working Conditions survey and will achieve at least an 85 percent satisfaction rate.

    Priority 4: Strengthen School, Family, and Community Engagement

    • 4A: By 2023, DPS will improve the perception of each school based on the following four questions in the Teacher Working Conditions survey:
      • The community we serve is supportive of this school.
      • The school maintains clear, two-way communication with the community.
      • There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in this school.
      • Overall, my school is a good place to work and learn.
    • 4B: By 2023, DPS will strengthen family, school, and community engagement by demonstrating a 20 percent increase in the total level of parent and family participation in school programming, either by increased levels of participation in existing programs or by increasing the number of programs.
    • 4C: By 2023, every school will have a community partner that is committed to providing meaningful programs and services to meet the diverse needs of students.

    Priority 5: Ensure Fiscal and Operational Responsibility

    • 5A: Through 2023, DPS will exhibit fiscal responsibility as measured by a clean external financial audit each year and will receive Association of School Business Officers and Government Finance Officers’ Association certificates of achievement for excellence in financial reporting.
    • 5B: By 2023, 100 percent of DPS schools, including the grounds, will maintain a high level of cleanliness as evidenced by earning Clean School Award status.
    • 5C: By 2023, 100 percent of elementary schools will have adequate, appropriate classroom space to accommodate reduced class sizes in kindergarten through third grade.
    • 5D: By 2023, DPS will improve the physical environment to enhance student learning and ensure safety.
    • 5F: By 2023, DPS will increase school bus transportation efficiency by having a Transportation Efficiency Rating of 95.8 percent.