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    The Power of a Plan

    As part of his mandate upon taking office, DPS Superintendent Pascal Mubenga launched a 90-day Listening and Learning Tour to gather public input and completed an intensive review of academic data. The Strategic Planning Committee and DPS staff relied on the information gathered to identify priorities and set goals for the Strategic Plan.

    This Strategic Plan serves as a blueprint for Durham Public Schools. As our educators respond to students’ individual needs and our leaders react to a constantly changing environment in public education, the Strategic Plan will return us without distraction to the tasks our community has set before us:

    • Increase Academic Achievement
    • Ensure Fiscal and Operational Responsibility
    • Attract and Retain Outstanding Educators and Staff
    • Strengthen School, Family, and Community Engagement
    • Provide a Safe School Environment that Supports the Whole Child

    This Strategic Plan will direct resources, provide clarity, and align our community to the task of empowering our students to take charge of their future. Their potential is limitless. It will only take a spark.

  • The Power of a Community

    That spark comes from a unified effort between our professional educators, our students’ loving and committed families, and our Durham community that stands for strong public schools. From Durham’s historic foundations, we seek to build a new beginning for Durham Public Schools that will lift up every student, without exception.

    We hope that every member of the Durham community sees within this Strategic Plan an opportunity to support our students through a unified, focused effort. The time has come for Durham’s children to take their place at the forefront of North Carolina’s next generation. We have the community’s will. We have a galvanized team of DPS educators, administrators, and support staff. We have students who are eager to take up the challenge.

    We have a plan. Now, it falls to all of us to achieve its goals.