• Year Round Calendar

    Rogers-Herr operates on a year-round schedule which divides the year into 9-week quarters separated by 3-week intersession breaks. School starts in mid-July and ends in early June, with a 5-week summer break.


    The year-round calendar offers many advantages:

    • Students retain their learning better over the shorter summer break
    • 3-week-long intersession breaks allow teachers and students to rest, reflect and return refreshed
    • Family vacation time can be used more creatively
    • The curriculum can incorporate seasonal learning
    • DPS aligns calendars so families with children in both year-round and traditional schools have overlapping breaks
    • All DPS year-round schools are on the same calendar

    Visit the Durham Public Schools calendars page to learn more.

    Intersession Options

    Many community organizations (as well as Durham Public Schools) offer enriching child care during the quarterly intersessions. Check out the list of local intersession camp providers compiled by our PTA.