Project Search

  • Project SEARCH is an award-winning, training program that enables students with significant developmental disabilities to gain the work experience to find gainful employment after high school ends.

    • The High School Transition Program is a one-year educational program for students with disabilities who are instructed on the Extended Content Standards and are in their last year of high school.
    • The goal for students in Project SEARCH, upon graduation, is competitive employment.
    • The program began in August 2011 and is a partnership between Durham Public Schools, Duke Regional Hospital, Alliance Behavioral Health, OE Enterprises, Inc. and NC Vocational Rehabilitation.
    • The program is located at the City of Medicine Academy and Duke Regional Hospital, where students participate in a variety of internships to learn new skills, including the communication and social skills needed to be successful in the workplace.
    • DPS students in Special Programs have the opportunity to apply to participate in Project SEARCH.

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