Project Search

  • Project SEARCH is an award-winning, training program that enables students with significant developmental disabilities to gain the work experience to find gainful employment after high school ends.

    • The High School Transition Program is a one-year educational program for students with disabilities in their last years of high school. It is targeted for students whose main goal is competitive employment.
    • Project SEARCH provides employment and education opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities. The program is dedicated to workforce development that benefits the individual, community and workplace.
    • The program takes place in a healthcare or business setting where total immersion in the workplace facilitates the teaching and learning process through continuous feedback and application of new skill.
    • In August 2011, DPS started a pilot program, partnering with Durham Regional Hospital, providing students from several high schools the opportunity to participate in this program.

    More information about the Project SEARCH transition program, can be found at:

    The DPS contact for Project SEARCH is Adina Moon - 560-2655.